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Vandara Adventure Park - New by Sky Adventures

Enjoy Costa Rica Sky Adventures new park at Rincón de la Vieja, Guanacaste, and discover the natural richness of a dry tropical forest. Explore, live, enjoy, and experience the best of nature as the ideal day tour from the Guanacaste Beach hotels and villas.   

Live an extraordinary experience with Vandara’s friendly service, high-level activities, top safety, traditional food, and other value-added services that will make your stay unforgettable.  The new Sky Adventures park is operated as a Full-Day experience that includes Zip Lines, Horseback Riding, a 400 meter Water Slide, Hot Springs, Mud Baths and a Trapiche.

  • Zip-Line - Canopy Tours

Traditional zip line comprising 8 cables and 9 platforms, anchored both to trees and to the land.  Cable distances range from 100 to 400 meters long and have different heights, thereby allowing you to experience a feeling of being one with the forest and nature.  Get a view of the hot springs and the waterfall in our property in the last sections of the zip-line.  Begin this activity by climbing the mountain, either in an off-road vehicle or on horseback.

  •  Horseback Riding

A quiet tour around our park that lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes. You will be able to enjoy the natural surroundings of a dry secondary basal forest and to visit unique spots to enjoy incredible views of the San Roque hill, one of the great natural beauties that can be seen from Vandará. 

  • 400-Meter Water Slide

A more thrilling activity involving a 400-meter slide that finishes in a cold-water pool. It will put your emotions to the test while you live a fun and exhilarating experience.  Special safety equipment is used, including a rubber donut, which makes sliding easier and helps regulate each visitor’s speed according to his/her weight.

  • Hot Springs

Vandará park also offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy two thermal water pools that are fed by a spring located within our property, on the banks of the Tizate river. The water is at a temperature of 49° Celsius, ideal for Guanacaste’s warm weather. 

  • Mud Bath

Our mud bath is a peeling therapy with volcanic mud, ideal for those who wish to purify their skin while relaxing next to our magnificent waterfall.  To make the experience even more unforgettable, guests have the opportunity to remove the mud in the river and its refreshing waterfall.

  • Trapiche

The trapiche is the most traditional spot, taking you back to our Costa Rican roots. In it, you will enjoy a traditional mill with a firewood kitchen, a clay oven, piles, and more.

At the other end, you'll see our spoiled ox powerfully triggering the mill’s mechanism, which in turn extracts the cane juice and liquor. As our guest, you will be able to feed the ox and experience being closer to the animal.  The taste of Guanacaste’s cuisine is also present during this tour, as all visitors are offered dripped coffee with exquisite pastries and tanelas.  To provide a more educational experience, a short cultural talk on trapiches and coffee is also offered.

Vandara also includes a restaurant for 120 people, allowing guests to enjoy an exquisite farm-to-table experience of Costa Rican cuisine that uses the organic produce grown in our property.   The meal includes an appetizer, followed by the main course, where you will be able to choose between beef, pork, chicken or pasta, with their respective sides, and a natural drink.  For pricing information, please contact, call +506 2479 4100 or visit


For pricing information, please contact, call +506 2479 4100 or visit